We are best at it !

No matter how wild and crazy your idea is, we can design a custom wrap that will get you noticed.  


What make us so special

Auto Customs is a hub for all your Customising and Maintenance needs. We are a specialised professional company established in 2010. With the increased trends in Customization of vehicles we set up Auto Customs to cater to the growing needs. Our Company is small in design, this allows us to establish a more personal relationship with each client. We use the absolute highest quality products and take proper time and technique to complete the job. 

Color Change

The biggest USP of a Wrap is that it protects the original paint finish and it is a reversible process. The paint will no longer be exposed to UV rays, nor be damaged from dust/dirt/etc. Yes of course, Paint lasts longer but now days Vinyls are technically rated from 2-10 years depending on brand/film/finish/texture. You buy a new car, spend on a Wrap and get the look you want and in a few years when you remove it, the paint underneath is immaculate. Depending on your choice we can offer over 100 unique shades for your Car with a wide range to choose from. Wraps are available in Matt, Metallic, Gloss, Chameleon(color changing) , Brushed Metallic and the very very Unique Chrome.

Speciality and Custom Wraps

We at Auto Customs can create a one-of-a-kind custom wrap for any vehicle. No matter how wild and crazy your idea is, we can design a custom graphic wrap that will get you noticed. Rather than using a stock color vinyl, we car create something unique and at this point your options are only limited by your imagination! Designs could include abstract graphics, flames, skulls, your favourite Superhero character, Race car Livery or anything you can imagine.

Partial Wraps

Whether it be a roof wrap, bonnet wrap, or whatever other part you can imagine – we at Auto Customs can help you out. We can highlight individual parts, panels or trim pieces with one of our quality vinyl products to enhance your car’s appearance and create a custom look. The gloss black vinyl roof wrap is extremely popular right now and definitely one of the fastest growing trends. This simple and inexpensive wrap enhances your car and totally changes the look of your ride.

Fleet Wrap

Maximise your corporate identity and increase sales by exploring this cost-effective, powerful and potent form of branding. Advertising wraps are suitable for Sales, Service and Delivery vehicles. Brightly coloured, attractive vehicle wraps make your company vehicles stand out from all other cars on the road. This form of advertising is an effective promotional tool as Car Advertising wraps are seen by thousands of people as they travel along the road each and every day.